Kathryn-Gene My journey with Hashimoto's Disease - Episode #1

It's the brand new year, and it's 2018. It's the 10th of January, and it's probably about 11:00 in the morning, Australian time, Eastern Standard Time, in Australia.

Why am I here today? I've decided that you've heard about deconstructed pavlovas and deconstructed foods, so this is deconstructed Kathryn Gene, and today I'm deconstructed. I'm just as I am. My hair as you can see is graying, and there's no makeup on. It's just me, the raw me.

The raw me wants to take some time today to start the first day of my journal of Hashimoto's disease. Many years ago, for all of you that have been looking at my progress and what I've been doing, in the early '90s I suffered from agoraphobic anxiety. Agoraphobic anxiety actually really trapped me for seven years of my life, when my children were very young.

It was because of that that I started a journey on hypnotherapy, and the mind, and how strong we are. I got a very big passion for trying to unlimit and help people to unlimit themselves. A few years ago, two of my daughters were getting married, about two years ago, and of course like every mother, you want to make yourself look really absolutely great, and lose that weight and do what you can.

Had a very big battle on my hands back then to try and lose weight, and I couldn't understand why, because I was eating correctly, and I was exercising, and I was ticking all the boxes that you tick for losing weight. But something wasn't happening. I did what probably a lot of us do, we look for that quick, easy way to get those kilos started, and particularly with my daughters' weddings looming, I was like, "Oh, my God, I want to get into that size whatever dress and put those high heel shoes on, get the makeup on, the hair looking great, definitely color it."

And I just wasn't getting there. So, I decided to go on a weight loss tablet, and I did that. For my first daughter's wedding, I managed to get down to 75 kilos, and that was still 15 kilos above what I should be, but I was down to 75 kilos. I think at that stage, I would have lost maybe about six kilos, six or seven kilos.

I'd been trying for months, so doing these tablets, I thought, "Okay, that's fine." I got over the first daughter's wedding, which was midyear, and then a few months later, my other daughter got married. Of course, the rush was then on again to try and do that. Well, I actually started to gain weight again. Instead of losing it, it was gaining it, and I was on my limit of what I could take with tablets, and also being a naturopath, I realized that I wasn't doing the right thing.

At the stage when I did this, I wasn't a naturopath. I was actually looking at studying naturopathy. I just want to clarify that, because you'd be thinking, "Well, what's a naturopath going and taking fast tablets to lose weight?" Well, I didn't have the knowledge that I do today, and particularly I don't have the knowledge that I gained in the last few months, of the later part of 2017.

Apart from everything else with the weight gain, and going from being around 58 to 60 kilos, up to my highest weight I've ever reached, which was 89.7 kilos. At the same time last year, finishing my course in naturopathy, and the immense pressure of study, coupled with just life and how we have things that go on and the birth of my two granddaughters, which are absolutely beautiful.

I discovered that I was so very, very fatigued. Very tired. Just really tired more than what I am. I'm a person that's very energetic and I lost that. I also realized about the year before I was getting a lot of hair loss, and I actually asked my hairdresser why, but it was, "Oh well," they didn't really know and, "See a doctor." Apart from the fatigue, I had what we call brain fog.

I'd be reading something that I'm trying to study and I couldn't remember it for the life of me. I just was having such a hard time trying to remember things, and forgetful, like I couldn't believe. I mean, it's not something I am, but I was very, very forgetful. Then comes in the moods. My mood was low. I was super, super sensitive, super sensitive, and it didn't take much to have me in tears. To the point that I would cry without reason.

It wasn't until I was at my son's place for a family dinner in mid last year that they were all gathered there, and I absolutely love my family, and anyone who's had an opportunity to look at any of my other videos or read my story will know that my dream, from when I was a little person, was to have what I call the "Waltons family." If you ever saw The Waltons show on TV when you were growing up, you'll know exactly what I mean.

Like with my anxieties, and I'll probably get tearful again here now, that like with my anxieties, it was when I sat at my family dinner table with all of my young children, and having my Walton's table, that I had an anxiety attack, and it crippled me, and it meant I lost the one thing that I wanted and loved all my life to have. And that pushed me into trying to get a cure for my anxieties, which in the end was through hypnotherapy.

But bringing you onto now, here I was again, at my son's place, at a family dinner that his partner had cooked, and it was wonderful, thank you. I found myself in tears. I don't know why. I don't know why I was. I was sad, I was so sad, my sons were watching, and son-in-laws were watching the TV. There was football on, there was a lot of joyousness. There was a lot of laughing and joking, yet I was there crying.

I made an excuse that I had a bad sty in my eye and it was making me tearful and I left. I knew there was something wrong with me, but I just, I didn't know what. Anyway, a few months after that I had something happen that had a call for me to have a blood test, and when the blood test came through, it showed that my liver was in not good order, and that my thyroids had a bit of an issue, too.

Of course, being in my course doing my naturopathy, we had a clinic, and I became a case study. I took my blood tests along to clinic, and were discussed and everything, and they came up with herbal tonics and tinctures and formulas, and supplements, and I think I got the best lot of a whole lot of girls in that class, and if you ever watch it, thank you girls. I really loved it.

And thank you to our supervisor, too. She was absolutely brilliant, Linda, who was also a naturopath and a very well qualified one, as that. So I started on that journey, and of course, the herbal tinctures picked up my mood and I wasn't crying as much, so that was good, but I had to keep going back to see how I was progressing with my liver, which I was bringing back into order through supplements and other lifestyle changes, which was to absolutely cut out all alcohol whatsoever.

When I went in for my final blood test, probably around about late November, it would have been, in 2017, it was discovered that what I actually had was Hashimoto's disease. Hashimoto's disease, when you look at it, and I'll be writing about it and putting it up onto the Facebook site, and on my website as well, that Hashimoto's disease, I was ticking all the boxes of what it has.

So, hence I've had to look at, again, what I can do. For those of you who don't know what Hashimoto's is, it's your T3, your T4s, they're not working very well and my antibodies are too many antibodies. They're attacking me. I basically have an autoimmune disease. I wanted to do this journal, because if I'd been able to do this in ... No, not 2000. It would have been 1993-94. If I'd been able to do this on video and give you my story of my journey through anxiety and depression, and suicidal tendencies, I would hope that it might have shown people that I came through that dark period and I was able to move on.

Again, I now take this opportunity with technology, and social media, to be able to go out to as many people as possible, and to say that this is my first part of my video journal of me, with Hashimoto's, and how I'm going to go through the next year or two, in trying to alter or even maybe trying to recapture a part of myself back again, and improving my health, and in improving my health would be my weight loss.

I no means am meaning for this, for anyone out there listening to me and saying that they've got a lot of weight loss and they can't get ready, and I seem to be ticking your boxes by what I'm saying, please, and I mean this, do not run out and think you've got Hashimoto's disease. There is so many reasons why people have weight loss, and I mean, apart from the fact if it's not a medical reason, it very well could be a mental health reason.

I welcome anyone who wants to message me on my Facebook site, The Hypnotherapy Hub, or Hypnotherapy Australia, to message me and I will respond free of charge to try and help you tweak any of those ways with weight loss, or even if you're suffering anxiety or depression. I volunteer at Lifeline, so I have a good idea of how people are feeling when they're getting down and out, and of course, with suicide as well.

I'm also a speaker for beyondblue on the subject of anxiety, depression, and suicide. So, I do public speaking, so if anyone wants me to come along to anything, quite welcome to contact me and ask me, and I'd love to do that, too. Please tune in for my next video I do, and it will probably be in a week's time. Try and keep following me if you can, because the thing is, through being a naturopath now, I also have done iridology, so I have photos of my eyes that I'm going on be putting up there.

I want to show people how our body is reflected in our eyes, and I want you to see firsthand how my eyes will change in the course of this journal that we do. I always will be putting up another video soon on one of my clients recently that was classified with diabetes, and I have her blood tests which she's given me to show. And through eating raw food and changing her eating lifestyle, she's now not classified as diabetes anymore.

That's a great big high five to her and great. Stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I'm sure I am going to enjoy it. My learnings, my cookings, the new lifestyles, things I have to adapt to, and I want to share it with everyone. Once again, thanks a lot, have a lovely day, and I'll see you in a week's time. Ta-ta.

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